Rum & Cola Trifecta

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All three of this amazing scent are available at a great discount.

Reg price is $42.00 you get the Trifecta for only $33.00

This pack includes:

• Rum & Cola Liquid Soap: A soft lather liquid soap. Liquid soap contains a lower ph level than bar soap and requires less water in order to build up a good lather. This is a bottle of liquid gold. Just don't drink it, it tastes terrible.

• Rum & Coke Bar Soap: The great scent of rum and coke. It smells like cola gummies and I include a shot of real rum in it.  This unique scent will leave you fresh and wanting more. 

• Rum & Cola Shave Soap: The same as our regular Rum & Cola shave brick, but without the lather tin. no plastics involved. A delight to own and use. In our famous Rum & Cola scent. Bentonite clay helps protect the skin from the razor, and the colloidal oatmeal gives maximum comfort to the skin. With its plant oil base, this shaving soap develops into a rich lather ensuring a comfortable and smooth shave.

Perfect gift for the Rum & Cola guy in your family!

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