Our Story

mackenzie-in-shop.jpgBased out of Edmonton, Alberta the Bro Brick Company creates a range of exclusive, manly and boozy scented soaps. Recently, we have diversified to create a new line of soaps called the Chick Brick.

Our belief is in this fast paced world the little things matter. Showering should be an experience that leaves you fresh and ready to face the day. You will find our products create a unique bathing experience that leaves you squeaky clean and puts a smile on your face.
Bro Brick products are natural and environmentally friendly.

We pride ourselves on using high quality oils and creating pure soaps with a rich, thick, lather. Each brick is handmade using a blend of canola, palm, coconut and sunflower oil. Creating a high quality product is our priority.

We have found great media and community support. Our product has been featured in magazines such as ‘Gifted: Edmonton Made Gift Catalogue’, ‘Avenue,’ ‘British GQ,’

‘Ignite’ and ‘Edmonton Where.’ We have completed interviews with Global News and CTV. You can find links to these on the Bro Brick website. We have also been talked about and mentioned in many online blogs such as ‘National Geographic,’ ‘Men’s Health,’ ‘YEG Fitness,’ ‘Make Something Edmonton,’ and ‘Alberta Arts Council.’ Check out our Media Page for the full list

At the Bro Brick, we strive to build community and connections. We understand working together and building each other up enables all of us to be stronger. We have teamed up with local business’ to create truly exclusive bars of soap. Jacek Chocolate ( provides us with the chocolate and cocoa bean husk for our Whiskey & Chocolate Bro Brick, as well as our White Chocolate & Cinnamon Chick Brick. Alley Kat Brewing Company ( contributes the beer for our Cedar and Beer, Butter Beer and Oatmeal Stout scented soaps. As well, we have partnered up with The Medicine Hat Brewing Company ( for our Burnside Brick.

Each year we donate soap to homeless shelters allowing us to give back to our community that helps and supports us.