Our Story


I am trained as a graphic designer, after 5 years of freelance work I wanted to do an experiment in branding. Having examples of different brands would help me get more work. So I made a couple of products. One idea I had was a line of men's candles, I called them "ComMANdles" it was a line of manly scents like "Bacon", "Biker Bar" and Grandpas Den. Then I decided to keep with the theme and design a line of soap for guys. This was an idea that had legs, everyone seemed to love the line of soap that I came up with. Scents like Rum & Cola, Mountain Man and Sandalwood & Vanilla really seemed to strike a note with everyone in the community (to view the full line visit our website at Since then, I have had the opportunity to be featured in several media outlets including local TV, radio stations and magazines. We have found great media and community support. Our product has been featured in magazines such as Gifted: Edmonton Made Gift Catalogue, Avenue', British GQ', Ignite and Edmonton Where. We have completed interviews with Global News and CTV. We have also been talked about and mentioned in many online blogs such as National Geographic', Mens Health', YEG Fitness', Make Something Edmonton, and Alberta Arts Council.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta the Bro Brick Company creates a range of exclusive, manly and boozy scented soaps. Our belief is in this fast paced world the little things matter. Showering should be an experience that leaves you fresh and ready to face the day. You will find our products create a unique bathing experience that leaves you squeaky clean and puts a smile on your face. Bro Brick products are natural and environmentally friendly. At the Bro Brick, we strive to build community and connections. We understand working together and building each other up enables all of us to be stronger. We have teamed up with local business’ to create truly exclusive bars of soap. I have acquired two fantastic partnerships with local breweries Raven Wolf Brewery ( and Rapid Ascent Brewery ( . These awesome breweries give me the liquid gold I need to make my famous beer bricks. We have scents like Sorcerer Raspberry Ale and Oatmeal Stout.

The biggest challenges we face is advertising, it is very expensive and sometimes does not yield the response expected. I once spend a large sum on a several billboards that ran for two months and had a contest that whomever could send me the most pictures of the billboards across town. I received two responses. Not what I expected. The most successful advertising we do is local markets. This allows the customer to experience the product. Scent is a tricky thing to portray across the printed page. So markets allow the user feel and smell the scents before they take them home. It also allows local business' to sample before they stock their shelves with it.

We do our best to keep up with social media but we are a small company, so this often takes a back seat. I keep my fans updated on anything new we are up to including new scents and markets we will be attending. I even have a couple of videos ( so if you want to find out if a 14kg bar of soap is bulletproof, check it out. Often coming up with new content is tricky, there is only so much you can do with a bar of soap that is PG.

My advise to anyone would be if you have an idea, run with it. See if it gets any traction. I never set out to own a successful soap company I just wanted to get more design clients. You never know where life will take you. Owning your own company is a lot of work, but it is fun see the company grow and it's completely satisfying to hear how much people love the product that you invented.